Summer Fun

It’s almost time for our son’s Big Bash Birthday Party in our backyard. Each year, him and 50 to 70 of his closest friends get together to have a good time. Our son has been having this party since he was in his teens and is now in his middle 30’s.They have what we affectionately like to call a “combat volleyball” tournament with three person teams. Then there is the horseshoe tournament and of course, a blackjack tournament. The prizes are usually pretty lame, I think we did some inexpensive trophies for a couple of years – but the bragging rights are where it’s at! We still hear about how Evie and Chip finished off Dave and Abby with three ringers in a row at horseshoes or how everyone ran out of chips well before the blackjack tournament was over except for John who had doubled his. I or my husband usually deal the game since we have both been professional dealers for over 20 years (and we are typically the only ones who haven’t been helping to drain the keg).
When our son was in his early 20’s, he decided that his parents were somewhat human after all and said we could invite our own friends too. So we have a few friends and family over who will also play in the games – although most of us aren’t in any kind of shape to get in the volleyball scramble. Often, we continue to play blackjack for fun after the tournament and have a great time.
This year, we are adding a Photo Booth. We have been putting it together and practicing for a while and this will be our first dress rehearsal. After doing tons of research on line, we have bought what we think is the best equipment and lots of fun and crazy props. We plan on offering the photo booth to our casino clients at a deep discount and very affordable for other events. We have a wedding and wedding anniversary booked in August so we need to make sure we are ready to go.
We will also be adding a horse race game that is a lot of fun at casino events. And of course, there is always bingo. I think we are going to need a bigger warehouse!

Put the Fun in Fundraising!

Casino night parties are a great fit for fundraisers. First of all, we do all the work for the casino portion of your event and it is one less thing you have to worry about so you can concentrate on other fundraising activities. We will set up and take down, provide script (which we can put your logo on), conduct the games and determine the top winners or take care of a raffle ticket exchange if you have prizes. You can also arrange for guests to buy additional casino script to help raise more funds for your organization.

If you are planning a silent auction, casino nights are a great way to keep your guests moving around and able to frequently check their bids at the auction tables. Casino nights also easily accommodate live auctions, special appeals, speeches and presentations. We simply close the tables when needed and start up again. Our dealers will hold the tables and your guests places and chips so they can go to their seats and then return and start right up where they left off.

Pair your casino night entertainment with a delicious buffet, signature drink and a great DJ/Emcee and you can’t lose! Your guests will have a great time participating in your fundraising, playing casino games, dancing or just talking and enjoying the company of friends and acquaintances. Fundraising was never so easy, your guests will definitely want to be on the list for your next event. Check out our Casino Packages or call us to put together just the right package for you. We have Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Let It Ride, 3 Card Poker, Pai Gow and the ever popular Texas Hold’Em. Remember, we will give a 10% discount to all non-profit organizations and can help you find a venue, caterer, bartender service, DJ and more.

Planning a Company Party

Before you can start planning your company party, you need to decide what you want to accomplish. Will this be an opportunity to hand out awards and recognize accomplishments? Do you want to reward and thank your employees for a job well done? Or do you want to connect with vendors, clients and/or customers and create a networking event? You might also be planning a combination of these goals. Will your event be formal, casual or somewhere in between. Once your have decided on the basics, the first thing to consider is a venue. Many companies have room at their headquarters, but most will want to have their event offsite. There is a wide variety of venues available in the Portland area, from an intimate cafe or bar and grill to grand ballrooms. Chose a venue and then decide on your food – full sit down dinner, buffet, heavy finger foods or a light snack. Don’t forget beverage options, full bar, beer and wine only or non-alcoholic.

After you have your venue, food and beverage options decided on, consider what you are going to do for entertainment. You will need something that will really make your employees want to come and to stay. You don’t want them to leave right after dinner and the awards, you can encourage them to stay, have fun, get to know each other better and network. A casino night party is a great way to get your employees interacting and moving around. Be sure and schedule a great DJ, they will make announcements and set the mood before, during and after dinner. For those employees or significant others who don’t want to play at the casino tables; music, dancing and karaoke will keep them staying for the fun. We usually calculate about two thirds of your guests will play at the tables. By having a DJ and dance floor, you give the other third a couple of options to stay.

We have done hundreds of these types of events and hear the same thing over and over; the guests had so much fun, way better than previous company parties and they hope they can do it again next year. We can help you find the perfect venue, caterer, DJ and other types of entertainment too. Check out our Casino Packages and call Ubetcha Entertainment for a company party your employees will be talking about all year!

Summertime Fun Casino Party Style

When most people think of a casino night party, what usually comes to mind is an evening out with a catered dinner, drinks, music and casino entertainment.  Typically you would attend one of these parties with your company or for a fundraiser. We love these types of parties because we have so much fun with the wide spectrum of people we get to work with. And our dealers have a great time teaching people to play games.

But what I want to talk about is the small intimate party for friends and family. Maybe it is a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or reunion. You don’t often think about casino entertainment for these types of get-togethers, but you would be surprised how much fun it adds to your event.

Our son has been having a big backyard party for about 16 years now. He organizes a 3 person volleyball tournament, a horseshoe tournament and then a blackjack tournament. Since he uses our backyard, we help with the barbequing and blackjack dealing. Everyone has such a great time and no one wants to miss the party each year. Once the energetic activities are finished, the blackjack tournament is a great way to wind down and get the conversations flowing. My son find crazy little prizes at the local dollar store for all of the tournaments which adds to the fun.

You too can have a great party that everyone looks forward to each year. If you don’t have the room for volleyball or horseshoes, there are other backyard entertainment options, but there’s always room for casino night entertainment. We have been known to set up under tents, trees, in garages or in the family room.

Consider adding some fun to your summer get-together, call today for your own casino night (or day!) party.

We Fit The Entertainment

Casino games are great party entertainment because they involve everybody. From the CEO to the night janitor, everyone is on equal footing and having a great time. Casino night entertainment fits in perfectly with other activities or entertainment scheduled for your company party too. Our staff works very well with other entertainment schedules and makes sure that the casino games never interfere. We can stop and start the casino entertainment for award ceremonies, important announcements, dinner, other entertainment options such as a comic or magician. (We can even provide the other entertainment for your event).

A typical company party may look like this:  guests arrive and mingle for 20 to 30 minutes, get a beverage, greet friends, get settled and get ready!  Dinner is served followed by brief speeches, announcements and/or awards. Casino tables open and the band (or DJ) starts the music.  Guests will sit and talk, play blackjack, dance and have a good time. After 2 to 3 hours, the casino tables close and we will determine who the top winners are or give out raffle tickets for chips. Prizes are awarded and the music and dancing can continue until the last person goes home. Your employees will remember what a great time they had all year!

Check out our Casino Packages and call us to find out about casino parties for your company. Let us help you plan, we have numerous trusted vendors we work with such as caterers, DJ’s, venues, other entertainment options and more.


Casino Parties

Had I Known…

We often hear the words “if I had only known…” Typically, it is someone who just had a major event; birthday party, reunion, company party, etc. And when they hear about what we do, they slap their forehead and say “if I had only known about casino parties, that sounds like a lot of fun”.

It just seems like we can’t get the word out enough. Casino parties are a lot of fun, and what’s great is you don’t have to do very much. Pick a theme and provide a main dish with a signature cocktail and ask your guests to bring a side dish and whatever else they would like to drink. Or just go for finger foods, it is amazing the wonderful dishes your guests come up with when you ask them to bring an appetizer. Great food, fun drinks and blackjack…what could be better for that special someone’s 40th birthday party (or other special occasion).

If you are on a tight budget, rent our casino tables and recruit volunteer dealers or take turns – just as much fun for less cost. But we highly recommend splurging for the professional dealers, they are fun, friendly and will teach your guests how to play the games.

Although we do numerous large parties for corporations and have a great time, our favorite events are surprise birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, bachelor parties, New Year’s Eve get-togethers and other intimate parties. If you are not sure where to start, let us help you plan your event. We have numerous vendors we work with for catering, venues and other added entertainment. We also have ideas and suggestions to make your casino party a night your guests will talk about for years!

Plan your company party!

It’s not too late to plan your company party!  Although the holiday season is over, it is not too late to plan a company party to show your employees how much you appreciate all of their hard work over the past year.  We can help you find a venue, caterer and provide the entertainment.  Or keep it simple and have a party at your office with light finger foods and casino night.  Arrange for a few prizes for the top winners and let the fun begin.  Your employees will be talking about it for months!

From Vegas To Portland, With Love

Who wouldn’t love a trip to Las Vegas? It’d be great to take a break from the ins and outs of everyday life to have some FUN!

However, for a lot of us, it’s just a little bit more complicated than just hopping on a plane. There’s work, what to do with the kids and/or pets, and of course, concerns about the cost.

Why not bring the fun to you with a Las Vegas Style party?? Roulette, blackjack, craps, poker, and all of your favorite games at REAL tables with REAL dealers! When you book with us, Ubetcha Entertainment will provide and set up tables, game accessories (chips, cards, etc), and professional dealers. Let us take care of those details so you can relax and be a guest at your own party!

Call today and let us bring Las Vegas to YOU!

The Graduation Connection

High school graduation parties are great fun when you include a casino party, your grads will love the look and feel of a Las Vegas Style party.  They can learn to play blackjack, roulette, craps, poker or other casino games at real tables instead of on a computer.  Book your party with us and we will set up your tables, provide all accessories (chips, cards, dice, etc) and professional, friendly dealers or, we will provide an hour of training for your volunteer parent dealers.  When planning the activities for your graduation party, don’t forget to include casino night!

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Holiday Parties

Tis the season!  Ubetcha Entertainment is busy providing casino nights for company and private parties every weekend throughtout December and January.  From one or two tables up to 50 – having a casino event is very popular.  Once you have arranged for food and drink, we take over and provide the entertainment so you can be a guest at your own event.  It is not too late to schedule a party for January, many companies prefer to wait after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to have an employee appreciation event.  Don’t forget to schedule an event for clients and vendors, it is a great way to mingle and network!