Planning a Company Party

Before you can start planning your company party, you need to decide what you want to accomplish. Will this be an opportunity to hand out awards and recognize accomplishments? Do you want to reward and thank your employees for a job well done? Or do you want to connect with vendors, clients and/or customers and […] Read more »

Summertime Fun Casino Party Style

When most people think of a casino night party, what usually comes to mind is an evening out with a catered dinner, drinks, music and casino entertainment.  Typically you would attend one of these parties with your company or for a fundraiser. We love these types of parties because we have so much fun with […] Read more »

Casino Parties

Had I Known… We often hear the words “if I had only known…” Typically, it is someone who just had a major event; birthday party, reunion, company party, etc. And when they hear about what we do, they slap their forehead and say “if I had only known about casino parties, that sounds like a […] Read more »