Planning a Company Party

Before you can start planning your company party, you need to decide what you want to accomplish. Will this be an opportunity to hand out awards and recognize accomplishments? Do you want to reward and thank your employees for a job well done? Or do you want to connect with vendors, clients and/or customers and […] Read more »

We Fit The Entertainment

Casino games are great party entertainment because they involve everybody. From the CEO to the night janitor, everyone is on equal footing and having a great time. Casino night entertainment fits in perfectly with other activities or entertainment scheduled for your company party too. Our staff works very well with other entertainment schedules and makes […] Read more »

Plan your company party!

It’s not too late to plan your company party!  Although the holiday season is over, it is not too late to plan a company party to show your employees how much you appreciate all of their hard work over the past year.  We can help you find a venue, caterer and provide the entertainment.  Or […] Read more »

From Vegas To Portland, With Love

Who wouldn’t love a trip to Las Vegas? It’d be great to take a break from the ins and outs of everyday life to have some FUN! However, for a lot of us, it’s just a little bit more complicated than just hopping on a plane. There’s work, what to do with the kids and/or […] Read more »

Holiday Parties

Tis the season!  Ubetcha Entertainment is busy providing casino nights for company and private parties every weekend throughtout December and January.  From one or two tables up to 50 – having a casino event is very popular.  Once you have arranged for food and drink, we take over and provide the entertainment so you can be a guest […] Read more »

Have a Casino Night for Your Next Company Party

A casino night event is a great way to entertain your employees at your next annual holiday party or appreciation event.  Your employees will have a great time interacting and getting to know one another which creates better working relationships. To get started, select a venue that will accommodate the size of your company.  Decide […] Read more »