Casino Parties

Had I Known…

We often hear the words “if I had only known…” Typically, it is someone who just had a major event; birthday party, reunion, company party, etc. And when they hear about what we do, they slap their forehead and say “if I had only known about casino parties, that sounds like a lot of fun”.

It just seems like we can’t get the word out enough. Casino parties are a lot of fun, and what’s great is you don’t have to do very much. Pick a theme and provide a main dish with a signature cocktail and ask your guests to bring a side dish and whatever else they would like to drink. Or just go for finger foods, it is amazing the wonderful dishes your guests come up with when you ask them to bring an appetizer. Great food, fun drinks and blackjack…what could be better for that special someone’s 40th birthday party (or other special occasion).

If you are on a tight budget, rent our casino tables and recruit volunteer dealers or take turns – just as much fun for less cost. But we highly recommend splurging for the professional dealers, they are fun, friendly and will teach your guests how to play the games.

Although we do numerous large parties for corporations and have a great time, our favorite events are surprise birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, bachelor parties, New Year’s Eve get-togethers and other intimate parties. If you are not sure where to start, let us help you plan your event. We have numerous vendors we work with for catering, venues and other added entertainment. We also have ideas and suggestions to make your casino party a night your guests will talk about for years!