How does a casino party work?

We bring gaming tables, accessories and dealers to your location. Once the tables are set up and the party begins, guests play their favorites games using casino script to buy chips. At the end of the party, we can either exchange chips for raffle tickets or determine who the top winners are. The tables are taken down and removed the same day or evening.

What is included in the cost?

We bring professional full size casino tables of your choice (Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Craps), friendly dealers, a pit boss and all accessories (cards, dice, chips, etc.). Our crew will set up before the event and take down afterwards. We also provide raffle tickets for a drawing and/or tabulate the top winners.

Can we play with real money?

No, we provide script and/or chips for your guests to use. At the end of the event, you may give out prizes or gift cards for the winners.

What if I am having a fundraiser, can we play with real money then?

The Oregon Department of Justice prohibits the use of real money at casino events. As a non-profit, you can apply for a Monte Carlo License (very easy to do) and sell tickets to your event and guests can also purchase script to play with. You will need to plan on extra volunteers to sell script or chips to your guests.

How many tables will I need for my event?

We normally assume two thirds of the guests will play (others will visit, dance, and participate in other activities). Blackjack and Roulette tables accommodate 7 people, Poker up to 10 people and Craps tables 12 to 14. So for example, if you are expecting 100 guests you should count on having enough playing room for at least 66 people. 1 Craps, 1 Roulette 2 Poker and 4 Blackjack tables would be a good number (or 6 to 7 blackjack if you did not want poker).

How much room do I need?

For all of the tables listed, allow at least 1 1/2 feet on all sides for guests and dealers. Blackjack tables are 3X6, Poker tables are 4×8, Roulette are 3×8 and Craps are 4×10. Be sure and allow for aisles and additional guests to stand and observe.

What happens if some of my guests don’t know how to play?

Our dealers are trained to teach people how to play and love to do so!

 Is there a minimum amount of tables we have to have?

No, we can provide from one table to 50.

How long should my event be?

Three hours is the average length of the casino portion of an event and what we base our cost on. Other activities might also be happening before and after, such as dinner, entertainment, awards ceremonies, music and dance, etc. You can certainly arrange for the casino to go shorter or longer.