We Fit The Entertainment

Casino games are great party entertainment because they involve everybody. From the CEO to the night janitor, everyone is on equal footing and having a great time. Casino night entertainment fits in perfectly with other activities or entertainment scheduled for your company party too. Our staff works very well with other entertainment schedules and makes sure that the casino games never interfere. We can stop and start the casino entertainment for award ceremonies, important announcements, dinner, other entertainment options such as a comic or magician. (We can even provide the other entertainment for your event).

A typical company party may look like this:  guests arrive and mingle for 20 to 30 minutes, get a beverage, greet friends, get settled and get ready!  Dinner is served followed by brief speeches, announcements and/or awards. Casino tables open and the band (or DJ) starts the music.  Guests will sit and talk, play blackjack, dance and have a good time. After 2 to 3 hours, the casino tables close and we will determine who the top winners are or give out raffle tickets for chips. Prizes are awarded and the music and dancing can continue until the last person goes home. Your employees will remember what a great time they had all year!

Check out our Casino Packages and call us to find out about casino parties for your company. Let us help you plan, we have numerous trusted vendors we work with such as caterers, DJ’s, venues, other entertainment options and more.