Planning a Company Party

Before you can start planning your company party, you need to decide what you want to accomplish. Will this be an opportunity to hand out awards and recognize accomplishments? Do you want to reward and thank your employees for a job well done? Or do you want to connect with vendors, clients and/or customers and create a networking event? You might also be planning a combination of these goals. Will your event be formal, casual or somewhere in between. Once your have decided on the basics, the first thing to consider is a venue. Many companies have room at their headquarters, but most will want to have their event offsite. There is a wide variety of venues available in the Portland area, from an intimate cafe or bar and grill to grand ballrooms. Chose a venue and then decide on your food – full sit down dinner, buffet, heavy finger foods or a light snack. Don’t forget beverage options, full bar, beer and wine only or non-alcoholic.

After you have your venue, food and beverage options decided on, consider what you are going to do for entertainment. You will need something that will really make your employees want to come and to stay. You don’t want them to leave right after dinner and the awards, you can encourage them to stay, have fun, get to know each other better and network. A casino night party is a great way to get your employees interacting and moving around. Be sure and schedule a great DJ, they will make announcements and set the mood before, during and after dinner. For those employees or significant others who don’t want to play at the casino tables; music, dancing and karaoke will keep them staying for the fun. We usually calculate about two thirds of your guests will play at the tables. By having a DJ and dance floor, you give the other third a couple of options to stay.

We have done hundreds of these types of events and hear the same thing over and over; the guests had so much fun, way better than previous company parties and they hope they can do it again next year. We can help you find the perfect venue, caterer, DJ and other types of entertainment too. Check out our Casino Packages and call Ubetcha Entertainment for a company party your employees will be talking about all year!