Summer Fun

It’s almost time for our son’s Big Bash Birthday Party in our backyard. Each year, him and 50 to 70 of his closest friends get together to have a good time. Our son has been having this party since he was in his teens and is now in his middle 30’s.They have what we affectionately like to call a “combat volleyball” tournament with three person teams. Then there is the horseshoe tournament and of course, a blackjack tournament. The prizes are usually pretty lame, I think we did some inexpensive trophies for a couple of years – but the bragging rights are where it’s at! We still hear about how Evie and Chip finished off Dave and Abby with three ringers in a row at horseshoes or how everyone ran out of chips well before the blackjack tournament was over except for John who had doubled his. I or my husband usually deal the game since we have both been professional dealers for over 20 years (and we are typically the only ones who haven’t been helping to drain the keg).
When our son was in his early 20’s, he decided that his parents were somewhat human after all and said we could invite our own friends too. So we have a few friends and family over who will also play in the games – although most of us aren’t in any kind of shape to get in the volleyball scramble. Often, we continue to play blackjack for fun after the tournament and have a great time.
This year, we are adding a Photo Booth. We have been putting it together and practicing for a while and this will be our first dress rehearsal. After doing tons of research on line, we have bought what we think is the best equipment and lots of fun and crazy props. We plan on offering the photo booth to our casino clients at a deep discount and very affordable for other events. We have a wedding and wedding anniversary booked in August so we need to make sure we are ready to go.
We will also be adding a horse race game that is a lot of fun at casino events. And of course, there is always bingo. I think we are going to need a bigger warehouse!