Summertime Fun Casino Party Style

When most people think of a casino night party, what usually comes to mind is an evening out with a catered dinner, drinks, music and casino entertainment.  Typically you would attend one of these parties with your company or for a fundraiser. We love these types of parties because we have so much fun with the wide spectrum of people we get to work with. And our dealers have a great time teaching people to play games.

But what I want to talk about is the small intimate party for friends and family. Maybe it is a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or reunion. You don’t often think about casino entertainment for these types of get-togethers, but you would be surprised how much fun it adds to your event.

Our son has been having a big backyard party for about 16 years now. He organizes a 3 person volleyball tournament, a horseshoe tournament and then a blackjack tournament. Since he uses our backyard, we help with the barbequing and blackjack dealing. Everyone has such a great time and no one wants to miss the party each year. Once the energetic activities are finished, the blackjack tournament is a great way to wind down and get the conversations flowing. My son find crazy little prizes at the local dollar store for all of the tournaments which adds to the fun.

You too can have a great party that everyone looks forward to each year. If you don’t have the room for volleyball or horseshoes, there are other backyard entertainment options, but there’s always room for casino night entertainment. We have been known to set up under tents, trees, in garages or in the family room.

Consider adding some fun to your summer get-together, call today for your own casino night (or day!) party.